2 x Silver Band4Hopes Bracelets2 x Silver Band4Hopes Bracelets

2 x Silver Band4Hope Bracelets

Two silver plated (to 40 microns) copper & zinc wristbands, ethically made in Zimbabwe. Each one is engraved with a unique ID which enables you to follow the stories they collect as they pass from person to person.

A travelling talisman infused with hope, a modern day message in a bottle.

> Healing, Empowering Silver, Copper & Zinc bracelets
> Unisex, One size fits all
> Wear one, give one, a gift that keeps giving
> Supports Zimbabwean families
> Inspired by African tribes
> Free delivery worldwide
> Not-for-profit


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Band4Hope bracelets are ethically handcrafted from silver, copper and zinc in Zimbabwe, Africa, where the project empowers over 80 artisans. The bracelets\’ design is inspired by the carved bone cuffs of the Himba people of Namibia.

A Band4Hope is a travelling talisman that journeys beyond you. Enjoy its healing benefits until you meet the right person to pass it on to. That person could be anyone; a stranger who has inspired you, a loved one who needs some hope or maybe a friend about to go adventuring.

As your Band4Hope travels in this way, it collects hopeful stories online and becomes infused with the spirit of each wearer.


Each bracelet is engraved with a unique ID which enables you to follow the stories collected as they’re passed from person to person around the world. All Band4Hopes are exactly the same size as one size fits all. You can open and mold them to fit your wrist. This way you can pass on your Band4Hope to anyone when you’re ready.

Who can tell where your Band4Hope will travel and what wonderful things will take root and grow? You can follow the positive impact of your one act online, spreading hope and connecting threads across the world.

Wear a Band4Hope & register its ID online
Share your #Stories4Hope after passing it on
Follow its journey online & watch the hope grow


Your Band4Hope can be worn always, even in bed and when showering. Minimal opening and closing of the band will ensure that it lasts longer and travels further, connecting more people and spreading more hope.

The zinc on the inside of your band can become tarnished over time. If this happens, rub over the ID using a standard pencil eraser and voilĂ ! In extreme cases where this does not work well enough, immerse your band in fizzy cola for a few hours and then rub the area with kitchen paper to dry and remove the gunk.

We love the look of a well-travelled Band4Hope as its letters become more defined and it gains character. You can see when a Band4Hope has history and a great story to tell.