Wear & share hope...


How does it all work?

We are creating a movement for ubuntu through the wearing and sharing of Band4Hope bracelets that inspire real world connection. A unique ID enables you to follow the stories collected as they’re passed from person to person around the world.

1 > Wear a Band4Hope & register its unique ID

2 > Share your #Stories4Hope after passing it on (from your dashboard)

3 > Follow its journey via the HopeTrail & watch the hope grow (from your dashboard)


How do I register my Band4Hope?

1 > Sign in or create an account

2 > Go to Register Band4Hope

3 > Enter the unique ID engraved on your Band4Hope and follow the prompts. You will be asked to give it a name and enter your location. Then select 'continue'.

4 > You have now created a HopeTrail where your Band4Hope's journey can be tracked and its stories collected.

5 > Note, if this Band4Hope has had a previous owner, you must register it and then wait for its last owner to confirm that they gave it to you. They will be sent an email with a link to click on and confirm that this is the case. You will then be sent a confirmation email that you are the new Band4Hope owner.


How do I pass on my Band4Hope?

Ready to pass on your Band4Hope?

1 > Make sure you have registered your Band4Hope by following the steps above.

2 > Pass it on and tell the recipient to do the same.

3 > Sit back and watch as your Band4Hope journeys around the world and its HopeTrail grows. You will receive emails each time it’s passed on. 


What happens if I want to keep my Band4Hope?

That's great too. All we ask is that you take a few moments to register your Band4Hope so that your unique voice can strengthen and be woven into the community. Also, by registering, it means that if you ever happen upon a deserving recipient, you can always change your mind.


What happens if I lose my Band4Hope?

With luck someone will find your Band4Hope, register it and its journey will continue. However, if you want it back, you will have to wait for someone to attempt to register it, and then send them a message via their user profile page asking them to post it to you (feature coming soon). To find their user profile page, simply enter their full name in the search box at the bottom of every page.


I can’t read the ID on my Band4Hope. What do I do?

Please see care instructions towards bottom of page.


What is ‘YOUR IMPACT’ on my Dashboard?

For every Band4Hope you have started, this is the combined totals of the following:

> The total number of Band4Hopes that you have started
> The total number of owners that have passed on one of your Band4Hopes
> The total number of stories that you have contributed

The greater these are, the further your ripples of hope have spanned.


How do I change my email address?

Go to your settings page. Scroll down to where you see “Email address” and enter your new one there. Be sure to get this correct as if you make a mistake, you may not be able to login again.


I have forgotten my email address, how do I login?

Please contact us explaining your situation and be sure to include:

> Your first & last name
> An idea of what your email address might be
> Anything else you can think of