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Hope is the expectation and desire for something to happen - the first step towards turning thought into reality. History shows us that when we work together, we can achieve extraordinary things.

Imagine a world where humanity stands united for the benefit of all. Where the simple acts of sharing, caring and connecting mean less suffering through poverty or inequality; a place of beauty and abundance where we understand and respect humanity’s interconnectedness with nature; where acceptance means that no matter where we are, we feel safe and at home... This world would embody the spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient African philosophy meaning ‘humanity to others’.

We are creating a movement for ubuntu through the wearing and sharing of Band4Hope bracelets that inspire real world connection. A unique ID enables you to follow the stories collected as they are passed from person to person around the world.

So let’s band together as one tribe for collective peace and prosperity.

Let's band together for hope.

a Band4Hope & register its ID online
your #Stories4Hope after passing it on
its journey online & watch the hope grow

The Team

Lachlan Mcwilliam

While navigating the dusty terrain of Southern Africa in a Land Rover Defender, the joyful kindness, hospitality and generosity of the African people left a profound impression on Lachlan. He experienced first hand the spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient African philosophy meaning that 'humanity is a quality we owe to each other'; where we respect each other as individuals who co-exist as one global community, one tribe.  Awakened to this virtuous way of life, Lachlan dreamt up the Band4Hope concept of spreading ubuntu around a world in serious need, using the most important of human qualities. Through sharing, caring and personal connection.

Starting his first business at the age of 14, Lachlan has an eclectic skill set and over 16 years experience working within global corporations. He is a successful adventurer, social entrepreneur, and Whitespace consultant where he enhances clients through corporate consciousness, next-generation technology, leadership, and communications.

Karren Brooks

Karren is the founder of Whitespace, which provides a range of bespoke programs for individuals, families, teams, and organisations designed to stimulate consciousness, improve well being and sustain excellent performance. She is passionate about the mind and the neuroscience, which helps explain the emotional and mental performance so significant to attaining success and happiness.

Karren has been an acclaimed entrepreneur which gives her additional credibility in her advisory services to major corporations. Karren is known for her provocative interviews, insightful blogs, and will soon publish her first book called Spiritual Currency Life’s Capital.

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