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Meet the Team
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Lachlan McWilliam
Co-founder / Program Manager / IT Security & Development Lead

Acting 4 Collective Prosperity [#4WordBio]

Lachlan McWilliam Co-Founder The Band4Hope ProjectLachlan dreamed up the Band4Hope concept while navigating the dirt roads of Southern Africa. He and fellow co-founder, Lucie, were there searching for remote artisans who they could help to reach a global market through the Internet. Read more about their adventures >

An entrepreneur from 14 years old, Lachlan’s business and internet skills have taken him all over the world consulting for the likes of Accenture, RBS & MTV. However, Lachlan would rather use his talents to better society, focusing on collective prosperity before investor returns.

Lachlan is up for anything, likes to be challenged and push life to its limits. He can walk on his hands, juggle and do a devastating Blue Steel impersonation. He would most like to be the person that his dog, Bow Wow, already thinks he is.

I hope that in my lifetime… the adventures keep on coming!”


Lucie Galt
Co-founder / Creative direction / Marketing & PR

A Free Travelling Spirit [#4WordBio]

Lucie Galt Co-Founder The Band4Hope ProjectLucie is happiest on the move with the sun on her skin, striving for her goals, meeting new people and making a positive difference.

After specialising in fashion knitwear at Dundee University and working freelance for companies such as Custo Barcelona and Stefanel Spa, she went on to start her own business, a mobile eco-boutique called Vagabond Van. Operating from a 1952 Flying Cloud Airstream, Lucie sold fair trade fashion [which she sourced on trips to South Africa] at music festivals and events across the UK.

When she met Lachlan, they discovered that they shared a thirst for adventure and a desire to do something remarkable. They hatched a plan to drive across Africa, scouring the hinterlands as entrepreneurial vagabonds, searching for the unique, the hand made and the ethical. Their socially conscious mission was to help indigenous communities through trade [Read more about their adventures]. It was while they were stuck in a Land Rover for hours everyday that they came up with the Band4Hope concept.

I hope that in my lifetime… we manage to preserve wild creatures & places. Mankind’s fate is interwoven with nature.”


Miriam McWilliam
Co-founder / Graphic Design / Creative direction

Lives And Breathes Colour [#4WordBio]

Miriam McWilliam Co-Founder The Band4Hope ProjectMiriam is a freelance designer / artist. In her world treasure can be found anywhere – rusted bottle caps and discarded shiny objects are seen as golden priceless jewels, and hay bales covered in neon plastic wrap – a shot that must be captured.

Using photography, typography, illustration and sculpture, she aims to push the boundary often placed between art and design. Primarily working from her Melbourne based studio she can also be seen darting around the city, to and from various design agencies, or meeting clients on her two-wheeled emerald green stallion.

She has exhibited her artwork internationally and has been a part of creating, curating and designing for group exhibitions and collaborative book launches.

To view her take on art, design and life visit her blog and for an insight into her work check out her website featuring a selection of her photography, jewellery, illustration, sculpture, graphic design and other collaborative projects.

I hope that in my lifetime… we could all climb trees like a child again.”


Hamish McWilliam
Co-founder / Technical Advisor / Website Illustration

Live Fast, Sail Slow [#4WordBio]

Hamish McWilliam Co-Founder The Band4Hope ProjectHamish leads a double life in Melbourne. By day he is a scientist, where he fights parasites in a lab coat. By night, he’s an illustrator; armed with ink and paper, this is when the other side of his brain takes over. He’s currently finishing off his PhD where he is working on a vaccine to stop schistosomiasis, which is a major parasitic disease of people in developing countries. His illustrations are his creative outlet – he draws for fun, but also has done illustrations for musicians, web sites and books. Hamish loves travelling through life with his wife Miriam, hanging out at the park with his faithful hound Poncho, and long candle-lit walks.

Hamish and Miriam got involved in the Band4Hope Project when Lachie [his brother] and Lucie asked them to come on board, and dream about hope. His role has been in advising and project development, and of course moral support to Lachie and Lucie [even if it's from far across the seas].

I hope that in my lifetime… I can help the world with science.”


Advisors >
Marc Koska OBE
Founder of the SafePoint Trust

Be different Keep integrity [#4WordBio]

Marc Koska Advisor to The Band4Hope ProjectMarc spent part of his early twenties crewing boats in the Caribbean and making models to be used at crime scenes. A life-changing moment came when he read an article about the predicted spread of HIV and AIDS through the transmission of blood-borne diseases via syringe re-use. His interest was sparked and Marc has devoted the last 27 years of his life passionately on injection safety. His invention of the K1 Auto-Disable syringe reduces blood-bourne infections being spread this way and saves lives – it’s simple.

In 2006, Marc launched the SafePoint Trust to inform, raise awareness and to push for the adoption of universal standards, especially in the developing world where the problem remains most acute. The SafePoint Trust is one of the charities that you can select to raise funds and awareness for with a Band4Hope.

Marc is married to Anna, has three children and lives in East Sussex. Read more about Marc >

I hope that in my lifetime… parents do their job! If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

Julia Ogilvy
Founder of Project Scotland & Patron of Tearfund

Passionate, ossy, caring, determined [#4WordBio]

Julia Ogilvy Advisor to The Band4Hope ProjectJulia is a patron of Tearfund, a relief and development charity, working in partnership with Christian agencies and churches worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty. Tearfund is one of the charities that you can select to raise funds and awareness for with a Band4Hope.

Julia is also founder of Project Scotland, a revolutionary national volunteering organisation for 16 to 25 year olds. She won a number of awards in her previous role as Managing Director of Hamilton and Inches, including Scottish Businesswoman of the Year. More recently Julia won the Ernst and Young Scottish Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work with Project Scotland. She was a member of the Prime Minister’s Council for Social Action, and is an elder in the Church of Scotland and a trustee of Columba 1400 and the Buttle Trust.

She lives in Scotland with her husband, two teenage children and three chickens.

I hope that in my lifetime… everyone will realise that injustice and inequality don’t make a great world and everyone will learn to ‘love their neighbour’.”

Dr Jo Mitchell
B4H Scientific Hope Advisor / Co-Director of The Mind Room / Wellbeing Manager for AFL Players Association

Action From The Heart [#4WordBio]

Dr Jo Mitchell Scientific Hope Advisor to The Band4Hope ProjectJo is passionate about bringing the science of wellbeing into the public spotlight, to help people and communities flourish and realise their potential. Her Scottish parents instilled in her a love of learning that she put to good use by earning her PhD in the psychology of happiness and becoming a registered Clinical Psychologist. They also taught her that courage is simply “action from the heart” – know what you stand for in life and seize the opportunities that life inevitably offers. So when Band4Hope crossed her path she knew that this was an opportunity to put her learning to good use, to connect with an amazing community, and to help build hope and happiness across the globe.

Currently Jo is Co-Director of The Mind Room – a wellbeing and performance psychology community in Collingwood, Australia, that offers individual and group services for people looking to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. She is also Wellbeing Manager for the Australian Football League (AFL) Players Association – helping Australia’s elite sportsmen to fulfill their potential on and off the field.

She considers herself a practical geek – loves science and academia but also wants to help people easily understand and apply this knowledge in practical ways into their daily lives. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Matt and tries to be an awesome Auntie to her nine niblings.

I hope that in my lifetime… everyone has a Wellbeing Workout – a fitness plan to nurture mind health through daily gratitude, mindfulness, acts of kindness and nurturing connection with others.”


Volunteers >
Saranyae Manisegaran

Amazed by Human Potential [#4WordBio]

Saranyae Manisegaran Volunteer to The Band4Hope ProjectBorn in Sri Lanka, Saranyae is a loyal Sydney-sider who has fallen in love with the weird, wonderful and beautiful culture of Melbourne; refusing to pick one city over the other. Currently completing her Masters in Industrial / Organisational Psychology, she has also worked in the fitness industry in a diverse range of roles from personal training to teaching freestyle Latino dancing and kick-boxing. With the combination of both psychology and fitness, she has developed a passion for helping people improve their holistic well-being.

Saranyae’s unfaltering fascination with the power of the human potential and altruism began with her experience with the Oaktree Foundation (an organization run entirely by volunteers) and continues to grow with the amazing people she’s met through Band4Hope. The best gift she’s ever received is in fact a Band4Hope!

I hope that in my lifetime… I continue to witness the incredible potential of the human spirit… and contribute in any way I can to unleash its remaining capacity.”



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