June 1, 2013

We Need Your Support to Keep Spreading Hope!


  As a not-for-profit, we empower the world to spread hope through Band4Hope wristbands you can pass on. The idea that each one might create a ripple of hope and change someone’s life is what gets us out of bed … Read more >

May 8, 2013

Ethical Arm Party In The Woods

The Tree4Hope at In the Woods Festival

Enchanting surroundings, carefully selected talent, lovely crowd, flowing local ale & great grub – In The Woods Festival was a blast. Read more >

May 7, 2013

Dreamlike Festival in Portmeirion

Reenacting human chess of The Prisoner television series at Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion Wales

The Tree4Hope on tour through the eccentric Welsh village of Portmeirion. Read more >

May 5, 2013

Shambala’s Hopeful Utopia

Goblin Boobs Lady wearing a Band4Hope wristband at Shambala Festival 2012

We were on our way to Shambala, a festival promising ‘meaningful hedonism’. To be honest, we were not sure quite what that meant but we were soon to find out… Read more >

February 25, 2013

Everguide – Interview with Band4Hope Co-Founders Lachlan McWilliam & Lucie Galt Logo Band4Hope Press

In a time of financial uncertainty and fundraising overkill, charities are having to up their game when it comes down to raising much-needed moolah for their causes. Band4Hope Read more >

February 6, 2013 – Band4Hope styled in The Little Black Dress Project Logo Band4Hope Press

Cheryl Lin styled a Band4Hope wristband during week 50 of her project, The Little Black Dress. Read more >

October 4, 2012

New! Gift Wrapping & Multiple Band4Hopes For Less

Present your Band4Hope gift in style & let us take care of the gift wrapping!

Present your Band4Hope gift in style & let us take care of the gift wrapping! And due to popular demand, you can now buy multiple Band4Hopes for less. We encourage this as the Read more >

October 2, 2012

TOPSHOP Blog Feature!

TOPSHOP Inside out blog - SPREAD THE LOVE - START A HOPE TRAIN July 13th 2012

Thank you so much to TOPSHOP for helping us to spread our message of hope! Read their blog post… Read more >

October 1, 2012

Free to be Kids – Blog Feature

Free to be Kids Blog - 13 August 2012 - thumbnail

  FreeToBeKids is one of the charities you can select to support for each of your Band4Hopes’ journeys. In fact they are currently the most often selected charity and together we have raised hundreds of pounds for them! We wish … Read more >

October 1, 2012

Tree4Hope in the Wilderness

Some hopes from Wilderness Festival. We have collected 12,000+ this summer! They will all become a part of an enormous weeping willow that we are constructing.

Gastronomic banquets, great music, late night parties, talks and debates. Wilderness was wild! Read more >