How We Operate

How we operate

The Band4Hope Project is an innovative not-for-profit social enterprise, which exists to encourage acts of kindness (Actions4Hope) and raise funds and awareness for charity. Project costs are funded through proceeds from the sale of ethical Band4Hope products and a 5% administration fee from all donations received. This model allows the project to grow as a sustainable business instead of depending on fundraising for support. 10% of the sale price from each Band4Hope band sold and subsequent funds raised by members are donated to their chosen charity [less fees].

Profits Re-Invested [Not-For-Profit]

All profits are re-invested to improve the project and help it grow. When the project profits, society profits.

Ethical Manufacture

The Band4Hope bands are manufactured with a company in Harare who pay their workers fairly and treat them well. Band4Hope pays this company a fair price which meets their business costs. Band4Hope’s margins as a business, built into the retail price, are the minimum required to fund business costs and grow. Of course, it would be cheaper to move the production to somewhere such as China, though this would be against the project’s principles.

Environmental & Ethical Values

Although Band4Hope’s primary purpose is a social mission, we always consider the ethical alternative and strive to reduce our impact on the environment.


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