How It All Began

How it all began

Lachlan McWilliam and Lucie Galt are entrepreneurial vagabonds who have been scouring the hinterlands of Africa with their dog, Bow Wow, searching for opportunities to help communities through trade. They document their travels on The Vagabond Adventures.

Lachlan, Lucie & Bow Wow of The Vagabond Adventures at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana, Africa

While travelling through Zimbabwe in 2010, they came across a business in Harare which produces, amongst other things, copper and zinc wristbands believed to have empowering properties. Amazingly, this business has managed to survive Zimbabwe’s challenging economic and political times. After wearing these special wristbands, Lachlan and Lucie were inspired to do something which could spread hope, not just in Zimbabwe but across the globe.

Their idea was to give each wristband a unique ID so that owners could pass them on and watch their band’s journey online as it travelled from person to person gathering miles, history and raising donations for its chosen charity for years to come.

Hope-spreading wrist-candy! A modern day message in bottle!

Hamish McWilliam and Miriam McWilliam from The Band4Hope Project

They asked Lachlan’s brother, Hamish McWilliam (scientist/illustrator) and sister in law, Miriam McWilliam (designer/artist), to come on board. And together, with their creative input, the Band4Hope design and concept was developed.

Lachlan working on Band4Hope on his Laptop and showing some Bushmen near Tsumkwe, Namibia, Africa

Band4Hope's African Office


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