The Virtual Band4Hope

A Virtual Band4Hope works just like the band, but instead of passing on a band with an ID, you simply pass on a unique ID. (If you want, you can attach your ID to a real world object and pass it on that way.)

By passing on your Virtual Band4Hope ID after 4 days, your HopeTrail will begin to grow. You will be able to follow its journey online and watch as it spreads hope around the world.

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  • Not-for-profit

  • A gift that keeps giving

  • Pass it on

  • Track journey online

  • Encourage acts of kindness

  • Gathers donations forever

  • Ethically handmade in Africa

  • Supports Zimbabwean families

  • Inspired by African tribes

  • Empowering copper & zinc

  • Free delivery worldwide

  • Like a modern day message in a bottle

  • Hope spreading wrist candy