We Need Your Support!

As a not-for-profit, we empower the world to spread hope through Band4Hope wristbands you can pass on. The idea that each one might create a ripple of hope and change someone’s life is what gets us out of bed in the morning. By purchasing and wearing Band4Hope wristbands, you have personally contributed to the growth of this project. However, attempting to create a viral campaign for hope has cost more than we thought and we still have so much more to do!

So, if you believe in Band4Hope and can see the potential, a little donation will go a long way in helping to accelerate an infinite number of ripples for hope. Plus we’ll add your name and link below [unless you want to remain anonymous].


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A massive thank you to these HopeSeeders for their generous donations:

  1. Richard Lee
  2. Eddie Sparks
  3. Valence Roberts
  4. Leo Slocombe
  5. Kane Mitchell
  6. Berny Doherty
  7. Danielle Stewart
  8. Joel Carnegie
  9. Bianca Kirschbaum
  10. Sissy Lange
  11. Suganthini Niranjan


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