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When you buy and register a Band4Hope, you choose one of the charities listed below that you would like it to support on its travels.

When you pass on your Band4Hope, each person who receives it has the opportunity to make a donation to your chosen charity before they give it to the next person. All donations are recorded on its HopeTrail.

In this way, your Band4Hope can raise donations for your chosen charity for years to come!


Sea Shepherd Convservation Society Band4Hope CharityConserve Protect Ecosystems Species – Sea Shepherd Convservation Society

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations. read more >


Safepoint Band4Hope CharitySterile Injections 4 All – The Safepoint Trust

Educating people about injection safety, so that the billions of injections given each year are administered in the safest possible way. read more >


Back to Africa Band4Hope CharityRestore Endangered African Animals – Back to Africa

Restoring mammalian populations in Africa by sourcing rare animals from zoos in order to start breeding projects in the wild. read more >


Tearfund Band4Hope CharityEnd Poverty, Restore Hope – Tearfund

A relief and development charity, working in partnership with Christian agencies and churches worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty. read more >


Free to Be Kids Band4Hope CharityEnd Child Trafficking, India – FreeToBeKids

Rescuing, sheltering and setting free children who are facing extreme situations of abuse and exploitation. read more >


Doxa Youth Foundation Band4Hope CharityCreating opportunities through education – Doxa Youth Foundation

Doxa Youth Foundation recognises the needs of children and young people who are vulnerable due to social and/or economic disadvantage. Through Schools, Camps and Cadetships, we support the development of social, professional and financial capital of children and young people, giving opportunities to achieve and excel. read more >


Client Earth Band4Hope CharityJustice 4 Planet Earth – Client Earth

Activist lawyers committed to securing a healthy planet. They work for the Earth and all who sail upon her. read more >


Anthony Nolan Band4Hope CharityStem Cells 4 Cancer – Anthony Nolan

Saving the lives of people who need a blood stem cell, bone marrow or cord blood transplant. read more >


Mercy Ships Band4Hope CharityShips Bringing Hope, Healing – Mercy Ships

Ocean vessels providing health care to the poor in port areas around the world. read more >


Live & Learn Band4Hope CharityEnvironmental Education 4 Tomorrow – Live & Learn

Reducing poverty and advancing sustainable development through education. Like us on Facebook & read more >


Trees for Cities Band4Hope CharityPlanting Trees In Cities – Trees for Cities

Working with local communities on tree planting projects in urban areas. read more >


DARG Band4Hope CharityBow Wow’s Life Saver – DARG [Domestic Animal Rescue Group]

Rescuing, caring for and re-homing abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs in South Africa. read more >


826 National Band4Hope CharityGetting Kids Writing Books – 826 National

Providing writing and tutoring centres for under-resourced students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. read more >


Marine Conservation Society Band4Hope CharityProtect Seas And Wildlife – Marine Conservation Society

Securing a future for our living seas and saving our threatened sea life before it is lost forever. read more >


Playground Ideas Band4Hope CharityPlaygrounds 4 Disadvantaged Kids – Playground Ideas

Improving the education and wellbeing of children in under-resourced communities through training and resourcing communities to build beautiful, safe playgrounds. read more >


Medecins San Frontieres Band4Hope CharityDoctors Without Borders [Heroes] – Medecins San Frontieres

Delivering medical aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare. read more >


CoppaFeel! Band4Hope CharityFun, Brave, Quirky, Inspirational – CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity which works with all young people to educate them about boobs! So that they recognise the signs and symptoms and that checking their boobs becomes a habit for life. read more >


Intyatyambo Community Project Band4Hope CharityFun, Growth, Learning, Possibility – Intyatyambo Community Project

Providing preschool education and care to over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Our aim is to give our little ones the best start in life and to help them grow. read more >


Bridge 2 Haiti Band4Hope CharityHonest, Direct, Compassionate, Meaningful – Bridge 2 Haiti / Bridge 2 Sri Lanka

The Bridge2 Charities take immediate aid direct to the needy without red tape and cumbersome overheads. Projects are finely targeted using important consultation with the recipient to ensure relevance. read about Bridge 2 Haiti > / read about Bridge 2 Sri Lanka >


The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre Band4Hope CharitySanctuary, Understanding, Loving, Relaxing – The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre

Stand-alone cancer charity established by a few cancer patients that recognised the need for patients & their families to have somewhere to relax and talk with others in a similar situation. read more >


Fountains of Hope Band4Hope CharitySafe H2O 4 All – Fountains of Hope

FoH is committed to the installation, integration and teaching of safe water solutions for the poorest and most marginalized via water purification, well drilling and health and hygiene education. read more >


Starfish Greathearts Foundation Band4Hope CharityLife, Hope and Opportunity – Starfish Greathearts Foundation

Starfish brings life, hope and opportunity to children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in South Africa by identifying the very best community-based organizations and partnering with them to ensure the highest quality care. We are making a difference one child at a time and turning the tide on AIDS. read more >


Raise the Roof Band4Hope CharityBuilding futures in Kenya – Raise the Roof

From school fees and medical bills to housing, sports grounds and vocational centres, Raise the Roof works WITH communities in Kenya, living in extreme poverty, to build sustainable futures. read more >


Ladder tackling youth homelessness Band4Hope CharityTackling Youth Homelessness Australia – Ladder

Founded by a group of AFL players, we empower young people aged 16-25 to break the cycle of homelessness by harnessing the support of the AFL industry’s profile, networks and players. read more >


Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Band4Hope CharityAir Ambulance Saving Lives – KSS Air Ambulance

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity established to relieve sick and injured people in South East England and surrounding areas by providing a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS). read more >


Cystic Fibrosis Trust Band4Hope CharityCare Hope Research Advice – Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Since it was established in 1964, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has actively supported excellence in research and clinical care, as well as providing practical support and advice to people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families. We are the only UK-wide charity focusing solely on CF. read more >


Cure Cancer Australia Foundation Logo Band4Hope CharityA World Without Cancer – Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Our role in the cancer space is an important one. We act as a front line source to provide vital start up funding for innovative, ground-breaking research projects across all types of cancer. Since 1967, we have channelled over $19 million in the form of funding grants to national young researchers and have come to stand for integrity, excellence, and success in research. read more >


Nemos pequenos Logo Band4Hope CharitySwimming to save lives – Nemos pequenos

Nemos pequenos Swim School turns fear into ocean devotion! Each year in Mozambique thousands drown as people risk their lives in order to provide food for their families. Nemos pequenos aims to change this by teaching children to swim and educating them about marine wildlife and conservation. read more >


Little Sisters Logo Band4Hope CharityRescuing our Little Sisters – Little Sisters

Liberating little girls into a life of hope, love, and a future of promise. Little Sisters has started small, with the firm belief that together we can bring an end to child sex-slavery. How does it happen? One life at a time! read more >


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