Final Christmas Orders…

POSTED ON December 13th, 2013 BY Lachlan McWilliam

For Australia & the UK, you must get your orders in by the 17th to be sure. For the rest of the world, please place them now! If you’re worried, get in touch for express options.
This year we can even send Band4Hopes on your behalf with a personalised message, so simply place your order, then get in touch with the details.
Band4Hope wrist bands production line with letters


Band4Hope wrist band gift wrapped with large envelope hope tag wing sticker postcard wristband personalised letter


We offer a super convenient & personalised gift wrapping option. Just add this to your shopping cart for each Band4Hope you wish to have wrapped & receive them all ready to be posted or given personally to friends or family.


Band4Hope wrist band package Gift Wrapped hope tag wing sticker postcard wristband personalised letter


A Band4Hope is not something you keep forever. It is a free travelling spirit that journeys beyond you.


Band4Hope wrist band package with wristband hope tag wing sticker postcard personalised letter


> A hand crafted copper & zinc Band4Hope wristband [one size fits all]
> A letter describing how the project works
> Band4Hope postcard [instructions]
> Wing sticker
> #IHopeThatInMyLifetime tag
> A great handful of hope


Band4Hope wrist bands production line ethical wrist candy


The Band4Hope production line… Ethical wrist candy rearing to spread lots of hope!




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