About Virtual Band4Hopes

Virtual Band4Hopes

A Virtual Band4Hope works just like a band but instead of passing on an actual band, you pass on an ID. As with a band, owners are challenged to do one Action4Hope before passing on their Virtual Band4Hope and record this on the HopeTrail. You can pass your Virtual Band4Hope on to someone from your Memory Home page, inviting them to join the HopeTrail and watch how fast and far the hope can spread!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, you can pass your Virtual Band4Hope on by attaching its ID to a real world object. For example, write its ID in a book that’s inspired you and pass that on, or print it out with your favourite poem (‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling perhaps). You could engrave it on a piece of jewellery or cross stitch it in to a handkerchief… you are limited only by your imagination!


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