About Hope Collaborations

Hope Collaborations
Did You Know That Hope Can Be. . .

> Quantifiable
> Trackable
> Passed on
> Life changing
> Unstoppable
> Customisable
> Beautiful
> And on your wrist?

Let’s Work Together 4 ‘Win Win’ Hope!

A Hope Collaboration is our way of synergising organisations with charities, ‘win win’ style, to encourage everyday kindness, while virally fundraising and building awareness for important social causes. Our friends in Zimbabwe are able to hand make custom designed Band4Hope wristbands for any organisation looking to make a positive social impact and actively improve their public image.
Check out some recent custom Band4Hopes…

Custom designed Band4Hopes with your organisation's name African style spread hope and brand awareness hope collaboration

By simply giving away or selling your custom designed Band4Hopes, your organisation is empowered to spread hope too through inspiring acts of kindness and fundraising for your favourite cause. All the while virally spreading innovative brand awareness globally as they’re passed and tracked from person to person with your organisation’s name etched onto each Band4Hope and branding incorporated into your custom designed webpage.

In addition, you’re helping to accelerate Band4Hope’s ripple impact and providing much needed jobs in Zimbabwe.

A Band4Hope wristband is the gift that keeps on giving.

Quantifiable Progress Tracking On Your Own Webpage!

The sooner you get your custom Band4Hopes out there on wrists, the sooner you can track their progress as they’re passed from person to person! This information can be found on your custom webpage with real-time statistics and an interactive Google Map (see below). Getting to your own webpage will be as simple as browsing to:

Hope Collaboration Map, Stats, Tracking and Progress example

Browse to your webpage for. . .

> A Google Map pinpointing each of your Band4Hopes location
> Who’s been wearing them
> How many good deeds have been done
> Total money raised for your cause
> Number of hopes collected and more!

How To Get Started >

> We supply you with a custom Band4Hope design for your approval
> Order placed with Zimbabwe
> Decide on any charity/cause you wish to support (unless you’re already a charity)
> Receive your Band4Hopes
> You’re now empowered with hope, so get spreading!

How Are They Tracked?

Each one of your handmade custom designed Band4Hopes is engraved with a unique ID that enables us to identify each one. Everytime a new owner registers one of these at Band4Hope.com, your custom webpage is updated in real-time.

Langley Group supporting Cure Cancer Australia in a Hope Collaboration

Your website will be custom designed and easy to register Band4Hopes.

For More Info >

There is no fee to build your custom webpage, only for the Band4Hopes themselves with quantities starting at just 100 units. Of course each one is hand made with pride and helps provide much needed jobs in Zimbabwe. Please click to send a message or Facebook us and we’ll email or arrange a Skype/phone call right away. Hope can’t wait!


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