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Band4Hope Bands

Band4Hopes are ethically handcrafted copper and zinc wrist bands. Each one is engraved with a unique ID enabling them to be passed from person to person and tracked online, raising donations for your chosen charity for years to come.

A modern day message in a bottle! Hope spreading wrist candy!

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The Band4Hope design was inspired by the carved geometric cuffs of the Himba people who co-founders, Lachlan and Lucie, met in Namibia. Traditionally these cuffs have been carved from bone but often today they are made out of plastic piping. They are given as tokens of love, brotherhood, good luck, virility and wisdom.

Band4Hope design inspired by carved geometric cuffs of the Himba tribe from Kaokoland, Namibia, Africa

Ethical Manufacture

Each Band4Hope is hand made in Zimbabwe by craftsmen who are paid fairly and using the finest copper mined in Africa. This is where copper historically comes from and is known as the continent’s ‘red gold’.

In this way, each Band4Hope really is a little piece of Africa and is already imbued with the hopes of its skilled Zimbabwean creators.

Band4Hope Workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa

History & Empowering Properties

Throughout history and across civilisations, copper has been worn for its believed empowering properties. In Greek literature there are references to gladiators gaining extra strength from their copper cuffs in the arena. Aztec and Inca warriors wore copper bands into battle. Cleopatra is said to have seduced the world’s most powerful men while adorned in hers and Indian Rajas, Chinese Emperors, Persian Kings and even Alexander the Great all flashed powerful copper wrists.

In pre-colonial Africa, copper bands were the favoured currency and have been symbols of tribal status and style ever since.

Tibetan elders keep copper bands as holy relics and shepherds in Arab states are convinced that theirs store and release power as needed. Chinese medicine believes that copper is effective in helping the flow of ‘chi’ or life energy. In fact, copper’s power as a talisman is noted throughout the ages in everything from African literature to Sanskrit.

Copper & Zinc Combined: Some believe that the light electric flow, which forms when these two metals are combined, stimulates the acupuncture points throughout the body and gives the wearer a feeling of optimal well being.

Add to this all of the hope and history imbued in each Band4Hope as it travels from person to person and you’ve got one meaningful piece of wrist candy.

How Green Do You Go?

Copper turns some peoples’ wrists greener than others depending on the acidity of their skin. We see a green wrist as proof of purchase and that your Band4Hope is working.

Care Instructions

Your Band4Hope can be worn always, even in bed and when showering.

Minimal opening and closing of the band will ensure that it lasts longer and travels further, connecting more people and spreading more hope.

The new Band4Hopes have their IDs engraved on the outside on the copper and so minimal care is required.

However, If you have one of the original Band4Hopes (with its ID on the inside), the zinc on the inside of the band can become tarnished over time. If this happens, rub over the ID using a standard pencil eraser et voilà! In extreme cases where this does not work well enough, immerse your band in coca cola for a few hours and then rub the area with kitchen paper to dry and remove the gunk.

We love the look of a well travelled Band4Hope as its letters become more defined and it gains character. You can see when a Band4Hope has history and a great story to tell.


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