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Real-time progress and travels of all Band4Hope wristbands being worn and passed on from person to person around the world.

[First Band4Hope registered 1717 days ago]

Bands Made
Annie Lennox wearing a Band4Hope wristband at Google Zeitgeist 2012The Band4Hope Projects Travelling Tree of HopeSara looking amazing with beautiful glittery facepain over eyes at Glade Festival with Band4HopeKing Charles wearing a Band4Hope and playing guitar on stage at Guernsey Festival.Buttercup flowers with Band4Hope band at Meadowlands Festival 2012Kandice Holmes from King Charles wearing a Band4Hope, sitting by the Tree4Hope at Guernsey Festival.Tatooed arm wearing a Band4Hope at Guernsey Festival.Band4Hope wristband with friendship bracelets.Dougy Mandagi from Temper Trap wearing a Band4Hope wristband.Band4Hope on wrist in the sea in Italy.Acrobat hanging from a giant inflated yellow balloon in the air at night Band4Hope at Festival no 6Band4Hope waving in the crowd at Temper Trap at Wilderness Festival.A flying peacock installation at the WOMAD 2012 paradeVivienne Westwood wearing a Band4Hope wristband at Google Zeitgeist 2012A Band4Hope tag on the Tree4Hope reading 'I hope that in my lifetime... I never lose my imagination.' at The Secret Garden Party 2012Stacked Band4Hopes with recycled African bracelets.King Charles wearing a Band4Hope wristband at Standon Calling Festival.Close up of girl wearing a Band4Hope and the Hop Farm Festival programme.Band4Hope co-founders Lachlan McWilliam and Lucie Galt with volunteer Daisy Bryant gazing at the box of Band4Hope wristbands at WOMAD 2012 copy copyThree people wearing Band4HopesCute girl wearing Band4Hope at Glade FestivalBand4Hope photographed at London Fashion WeekHolding up their hands in the shape of a heart and wearing Band4Hope wristbandsBand4Hope wristband with silver peace sign and skull wrist candy.
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    • Not-for-profit

    • A gift that keeps giving

    • Pass it on

    • Track journey online

    • Encourage acts of kindness

    • Gathers donations forever

    • Ethically handmade in Africa

    • Supports Zimbabwean families

    • Inspired by African tribes

    • Empowering copper & zinc

    • Free delivery worldwide

    • Like a modern day message in a bottle

    • Hope spreading wrist candy